A Building Energy Rating (BER) gives a building a rating from A1 to G, based on the amount of energy used per square metre (kWhr/m2/annum).  Today all homes being built, sold or rented, require a Building Energy Rating (BER).  The BER will allow prospective buyers or tenants to factor energy performance into their comparison of different properties.

Castle Timber Design homes’ role in a better BER:

  • Thermal Bridging – Castle Timber Design can help improve a rating by minimising thermal bridging between the inside and outside of the building.
  • Insulation – with a 140mm to 300mm thick frame there is plenty of scope to upgrade external wall insulation to exceed regulation requirements.
  • Air tightness – extremely important with heat recovery ventilation, the Castle Timber Design method of construction allows external walls to be air tight with ease.