There are many reasons to choose timber frame.

Timber frame is versatile:

In Ireland it has been used to build dwellings, apartments, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, offices and retail outlets.  Timber frame houses are currently accounting for 50 per cent of the housing market.

Thermal properties:

Timber frame homes offer good acoustics, energy efficiency, are warmer and are environmentally friendly and perceived as such.  Timber frame companies are at the forefront of energy conservation and sustainable construction. Passive construction can easily be achieved when using timber frame construction methods.


Timber frame is advantageous for its rapid construction – up to 60% of the building is delivered to site.  Once up, the windows can be put in the following day and the building is sealed.  Internal trades are now no longer dependant on block work and can start sooner.


With timber frame there is no on site wastage as everything is fabricated off site.  Wastage and mess due to blockwork, plaster board, plastering etc is greatly reduced.  A tidier site means a safer work place, less wastage and increased savings.


Timber frame aids internal finishes.  All walls are straight and plumb, corners are square and true.  With timber frame there are less of the “wet” trades, plasterboard needs only to be skimmed and paint, decorative materials and floor coverings can be applied sooner to dried surfaces.  There is little or no shrinkage causing cracks, meaning fewer defects, less aggravation and less call-backs.  This means more rapid occupancy.

Rapid occupation means good cash flow – first floor and roof stage payments can be obtained faster.    It also means quicker draw down on your mortgage, freeing up finances.  No long periods of renting during construction.


Condensation causes dampness and mildew and is the result of badly insulated houses.  This occurs when heat escapes and more humid air condenses onto colder surfaces.  Timber frame homes meet and exceed Part L of the building regulations and offer superior warmth to masonry built houses.