Ecojoists® are a fully Engineered Flooring System comprising of TR26 timber flanges joined together with galvanised steel webs offering a lightweight, strong and versatile alternative to conventional timber joists. Castle Timber Design uses the latest Gang-Nail® software to design Ecojoists® to EC5 regulations and manufacturing is carried out to NSAI standards and ETA – 08/0370. The versatility of Ecojoists® allow them to be used as roofing systems also.

Features & Advantages

Longer Spans – Longer spans can be achieved using easijoists® reducing the number of load-bearing walls and intermediate beams or supports required in the overall structure.

Flexibility in Design – Various details may be utilised in the floor or roof design. Joists may be top hung, eliminating the need for a rim board and decrease the risk of timber skrinkage. Ecojoists® can also be supplied with a trimmable end detail to accommodate site variations.

Acoustic Performance – Ecojoists® provide exceptional acoustic properties without the need for additional insulation or sound resistant material.

Lightweight – Ecojoits® are both lightweight and strong, easy to manhandle on site eliminating the need for mechanical lifting.

Services – The open web design eliminates the need for drilling service routes and large ducts can be easily routed through on site without prior setting out.