Trussed roofs offer many cost, time and space saving advantages over traditional cut roofs. Castle Timber Design uses the latest Gang-Nail® software to design trussed roofs to EC5 regulations. Trusses are generally spaced at 400- 600mm centres and are manufactured to NSAI standards and EN-14250:2010, using TR26 graded timber and Gang-Nail® steel connector plates. Castle Timber Roof Kits come complete with tiling battens, bracing and breathable roof shield.

Features & Advantages:

Fully Engineered Roof Design – Pre-fabricated roof trusses are an engineered product, offering practical and flexible solutions for a wide range of roof structures.

Material Savings – Roof trusses can use up to 40% less timber than a traditionally built roof.

Cost Savings – Because roof trusses are pre-fabricated, you save time and cost on site.

Waste Reduction – Reduced site waste, loss and pilferage of materials.

Space Saving – Eliminates the need for timber storage or carpentry areas.

Design Flexibility – Prefabricated trusses can be designed to accommodate the wide range of roof types and services required in modern buildings.

Longer Spans – Trusses manufactured using 35mm timber can span up to 11m, spans of up to 16M can be achieved using 47mm timber.

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